My life is guided by two simple but powerful principles

🚀 Work Hard

I give my all to everything I do — otherwise it wouldn’t make sense. This also applies to my self-improvement so I am always learning something new. Norwegian, Swift, an ancient recipe… anything that piques my interest and/or helps me become a better, happier version of myself.

🤗 Be Nice to People

Communication is a huge part of my life. Besides having studied Advertising, PR and Branding, I have always focused on connecting with people — be it through writing, filmmaking, design, event organization, or anything that I can come up with.

... and random things that make me happy

Hiking with my dog, writing and reading on trains, learning untranslatable words, building things that brighten up someone's day, and avocados.


Ask Irene is a web app guide that helps you find the perfect spot for any occasion

Due to my lifelong obsession for all kinds of food, cozy cafés and cool bathrooms, I have a mental database of spots and always end up recommending places to friends, acquaintances and nosy strangers. On Ask Irene you can access my wisdom 24/7 to find the perfect spot for any occasion while I keep hunting the coolest places in my hometown Barcelona and anywhere I go.



Thoughts on life goals, food, tech and everything in between 🤔

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A magazine about people and the things that make them happy 🐝


Where companion animals and contemporary culture meet 🐱

The Ultimate Cat LadyA virtual visit to The Cat House on the Kings

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A guide to Barcelona's best life 💃

Three Marks CoffeeDog-friendly Specialty Coffee

MexclaMexican Restaurant

TeòricCatalan Restaurant

Bendita HelenaHealthy Restaurant

The Spa KitchenBeauty Salon

Co:Lab BarcelonaCoffee Festival

PopeyeSpanish Restaurant

Colmado GràciaSeafood & Tapas Restaurant

SyraSpecialty Coffee

Bar ButMediterranean Restaurant

5º PinoTapas Restaurant

... and many more